Song Lists

Our Song Lists include only numbers that have an established history of working exceptionally well with Boomer clientele. The lists are graduated in difficulty, with Song List A being much “easier” than Song List H.

‘Song List A’ includes a total of 60 numbers. Every Boomer Dance Party player is expected to be able to sing lead vocal on at least 15 of these 60 numbers; and, at a minimum, to be able to play all of the remaining Song List A numbers by following chord charts, if necessary.

[Thus, four new Boomer Dance Party players – musicians who have never worked together before – will have a ‘ready to play repertoire’ that will easily cover three, 40-minute sets.]

All subsequent Song Lists (i.e., Song List B, C, D, etc.) include a total of only 15 numbers each. All players will be expected to sing lead vocal on at least four of the numbers from each of these lists; and, at a minimum, to be able to play the rest of them using chord charts if necessary..

[Note: Make sure to update your information on file with us as you master each of the subsequent Song Lists. Doing so will get you more calls to do gigs; and  also help to keep the gigs interesting for the patrons by supporting the addition of new songs.]

Below are links to each of our Song Lists. Each List includes:

♦ a selection of songs of a similar level of difficulty
♦ a link to a video of each of these songs,
♦ the key for each of these videos (a.k.a. the original key),
♦ a link to the lyrics for each song (that you can copy, paste and print),
♦ the tempo (in beats per minute), and duration (in minutes and seconds) of each song, and
♦ a rudimentary arrangement (e.g., Verse, Verse, Chorus, Solo, etc.) and
♦ a link to a chord sheet for each song.

Please Note:

Every Song List is password protected with a unique password.

♦ You will receive the password to Song List A after you complete and submit your application form.
♦ You will receive a password for each successive Song List after you update your application to state that you  have “mastered” the preceding Song List.

For example, you will receive the password to Song List B after you update your application so it shows you are able to sing a minimum of 15 lead vocals from Song List A, and, at a minimum, follow the rest of the numbers on song List A using chord charts.

Boomer Dance Party Song Lists

Song List A

Song List B

Song List C

Song List D

Song List E

Song List F

Song List G

Song List H