Information for Musicians (con’t)


Have you noticed how often your musician buddies now ask if you are doing much gigging?

Are you gigging much less than you used to? Do you even know anyone who is gigging more, and/or earning more money than they used to? I suspect the answer is “No”. The simple fact is that times have changed. There are many fewer gigs now than there used to be — and those that remain, are generally much lower paying, and often involve longer hours.

Getting to this point was a slow but steady progression that came about for several reasons. As musicians, there is precious little we can do about some of them – such as economic down-turns. However there are others that we can address – and must address – if we intend to remain gigging.

The Boomer Dance Party is one way you can recover some of your lost earnings. It’s very unlikely to interfere with any other gigging you are currently doing. Moreover, it holds real potential for REGULAR gigs along with gradually increasing performance fees. In a nutshell, the Boomer Dance Party program is a weekly celebration of music and dance that caters to individuals who were born between 1946 and 1964 — the so called Boomer generation. In general, these folks have considerable free time and disposable income; and they love to dance to the music that filled the air waves and dance floors from the mid 1950s to the mid 1980s — particularly when it is played “live” — just as it was during their youth.

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