Hosting the Program (con’t)

The Target Audience:

The Boomer Dance Party is essentially a weekly celebration of music and dance that caters to “Baby Boomers” – folks born between 1946 and 1964 – who currently range in age from their mid 50s to their mid 70s. As a group, “Boomers” tend to have lots of available time, and considerable disposable income.

The city of Calgary is currently home to about 1.25 million people. According to 2016 figures published by StatsCan, about 25% of the Canadian population ranges between 50 to 70 years of age. Based on these numbers (i.e,  1,250,000 people x 25% of the population) there are approximately 312,500 individuals currently living in Calgary who belong to the “Boomer” generation.

As a general rule, Boomers love to dance to the music that filled the air waves during their teens and early adult years. This is especially true when that music is performed by a “live” band — just like it was throughout their youth.

Ask any Calgary Boomer, and they will tell you that situations and venues that offer dancing to live Boomer music are exceptionally hard to find — and those that do provide Boomer music and dancing, soon shift their focus during these events to cater to the interests of younger clientele. The result is a very large, under served population of Boomers. What’s more, when Boomers are provided exactly what they want, they become exceptionally loyal customers.

How does the Boomer Dance Party program work?

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