Information for Musicians (con’t)

How does it work?

Every Sunday, from 3:00 to 5:40 pm, provides a band of four professional level musicians at each Boomer Dance Party site, who sing and play the best dance songs of the Boomer years. The sales generated by the Dance Party patrons not only fund the performing musicians, they also provide significantly increased income for the host sites, during what are otherwise low-sales-volume hours.


The Boomer Dance Party ‘master song list’ includes a great many of the most popular dance songs of the Boomer era. It is comprised of several shorter lists that include increasingly more difficult numbers. For example, Song List A includes a selection of the easiest songs that cover the Boomer years. Song List B includes slightly more difficult numbers, and so on. Each Song List includes numbers that span the entire range of the Boomer years.

Set Lists:

Immediately prior to each set, the musicians gather to prepare a list of 12 to 15 songs that will provide for a full 40 minute set of music. For each set, the band leader, or his/her designate, pools the other musicians to decide upon which songs will be performed, and the order in which they will be played during the set. The key of the song is always specified by the individual singing the lead vocal on that number. [Drummers may opt to use one or more of the resources listed on the Tools page to determine an appropriate key for the songs where they will be singing the lead vocal.]

To prevent “train wrecks”, the general arrangement of each number is followed. Generally, speaking, the person singing the lead vocal “counts in ” the number. The drummer usually “directs” the ending of songs that lack a clear or a workable ending on the original recording. Ideally, “hook” lines and signature riffs are maintained. However, some improvisation is acceptable – providing it follows the number’s general “feel” and arrangement.


  • A clock, supplied by to the band leader, is placed in a position to be clearly visible by all musicians on stage.
  • All sets start on the hour, and are a minimum of 40 minutes in duration.
  • Sets do not extend beyond 40 minutes unless the extension is to complete a song that was started during the 40 minute set.
  • Intermissions do not exceed 20 minutes.
  • The day’s performance ends promptly at 5:40.

Participating Musicians:

All individuals involved with the Boomer Dance Party program must be highly skilled musicians who are sufficiently mature to comprehend what their role is, and to execute it in an unwavering professional manner. Specifically, all musicians involved with the Boomer Dance Party program:

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